Highway 92 Douglasville Bypass Project


The Georgia Highway 92 Douglasville Bypass project most assuredly will improve the flow of traffic through the City of Douglasville. Motorists from areas to the north of us will be able to more easily get to Interstate 20 and also to Douglas County businesses. The new project will greatly alleviate the traffic bottleneck that now exists in north Douglasville.

Most importantly, in my opinion, is that the residents of the north side of the County will have unobstructed access to the hospital once this project is constructed, and the Douglas County Fire/EMS ambulances, fire trucks, and other rescue equipment can get to them more readily, and this will save lives.

I serve as the Chairman of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Transportation Committee and have fought to keep this project funding in place. It is a much-needed project that is overdue. This project is in the ARCs Transportation Improvement Plan and thankfully, is not dependent on the passage of the T-SPLOST. Additional funding for this project was included in the T-SPLOST referendum list to offset anticipated 2013 Federal funding cuts, and to ensure that the project would not be delayed.

There will be construction inconveniences and delays, but almost all of the design is new roadway, so the old roadways and routes will continue to be open and functioning as they do now.