Jul 062016

Tom and Linda Worthan with family and friends strike a pose before celebrating America’s birthday as they take part in the annual Douglasville 4th of July Parade.

We wish you all a wonderful summer and are looking forward to all the activities surrounding this exciting election year.

Worthan 4th Of July Family Portrait

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May 272016


Thank you for your vote and support on Election day. My victory was made possible by the outpouring of support from friends, family and the many campaign volunteers who want to keep Douglas County moving forward.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

As we prepare for the General Election, I ask for your continued support and prayers. If you were not a part of our team, I hope you will consider joining us.


May 232016

Recently Commission Chairman Candidate TOM WORTHAN stopped by Burke’s Grill across from Chapel Hill Middle School on Chapel Hill Road for a delicious home-cooked meal. Burke’s offered Tom the opportunity to post his campaign sign in the window. As we were leaving Tom turned around and with his super powers, proved once and for all that he’s for Transparency in Government.

If you haven’t been to Burke’s Grill, try them on Catfish Friday and be sure to order some Mac ‘n Cheese!

Thank you Dwight and Peggy Burke for the political sign opportunity! You deserve a hug :-)


May 232016

Commission Chairman Tom Worthan has played a big role in this, as the GDOT Award is 47% of the total amount awarded to 5 metro Atlanta counties receiving portions of a 1.9 million dollar Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) award. A complete transcript of this press release from the GDOT and Douglas County DOT will follow. See attached document scan.

Douglas County DOT-GrantLetter

May 232016

Tom grew up here, raised his family, has worked for several decades to make this a great place to live, and most of all, he loves the people and this place. He has done a great job and will continue working in your best interest. Vote tomorrow for Tom if you haven’t already, and share his interesting bio with your friends . . .

The Truth about Tom Worthan

May 212016

Last night we had a major RED FLASH at Hudson’s Barbeque. With little more than hour’s notice, approximately 40 people wearing Tom Worthan red campaign shirts showed up for an excellent meal and an evening of fellowship and fun. We are all excited with the prospect of Tom winning the Republican Primary this Tuesday.

Today is the Cultural Arts Council’s Taste of Douglasville festival in Downtown Douglasville which lasts until 5 p.m. If you can, get to Douglasville’s O’Neal Plaza and wear your red Tom Worthan support t-shirt. Enjoy the festivities here in beautiful Douglasville.

Worthan Red Zone

Worthan Red Zone

Worthan Red Zone

May 202016

From Douglas County School System Superintendent
Dr. Gordon Pritz, 770-651-2033

Email from Sparks to school system employees ‘inappropriate’

Most Douglas County School System employees received a political email in their school system account from County Commission Chair Candidate Roy Sparks on April 24. I communicated with all employees regarding the email and let them know that it was inappropriate, contained misinformation and that it is a violation of Board Policies KI and KJ for political campaign material to be distributed through the schools and displayed on property owned by the school system. The candidate went to a great deal of trouble to “hijack” email addresses in what I consider to be a highly unethical manner. Here are excerpts from just one of the many complaints that were voiced after employees received the candidate’s email:

“I am a Douglas County resident and a teacher with the Douglas County School System. Today I received a political email in my school mail from Roy Sparks. I am appalled that this candidate would target teachers through official school email. His method of contacting teachers is unethical and a misuse of a government email system. None of us have time to attend to political campaign letters on the job, and we are specifically prohibited from using school system equipment for such purposes.

I can’t imagine how this candidate was able to access the system, nor do I think it was an approved email, with it not being official school business.”

A number of employees reported that they were enraged that he misused our email system during this critical annual testing time to spew political diatribe for his own personal gain. I have asked the candidate not to bother our employees in the future at their place of work, particularly during testing, and to refrain from sending campaign material to all school district email addresses. As of this date I have yet to receive the courtesy of a reply from Mr. Sparks.

While the candidate has a right to his own opinion, he continues to spread misinformation, is ignorant of facts or choses to deliberately perpetuate untruths on the public. For example, in his email to our staff he states that the Board of Education voted to approve a tax abatement project. If he was an informed candidate he would know that such project is not within the authority of a Board of Education.

Responsible and informed candidates, whether they are local, state or national, should always be truthful in their campaigns, particularly when it pertains to public education.

Signed by Gordon Pritz
Superintendent, Douglas County School System